Theosophical Order of Service (TOS)
(Founded in February 1908)
(A Union of Those who Love in the Service of All that Suffers.
Promoting the Application of Theosophical Principles for over 100 Years.)

Activities of the TOS in India.
Work in India

Teddies for Tragedies

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Can you imagine a Theosophical Society Section with over a hundred local TOS groups? Our Indian members can - because they have them! Their total TOS individual membership is over 5000. Organised service work, principally in the fields of health, education, animal welfare and the environment, is extensive compared with that undertaken by members in Western countries.

Some examples of initiatives in the fields of health and education in 2003:

  • A sum of Rs. 300,000 was spent on more than 40,000 beneficiaries by way of free medicine, cataract operations and medical checkups.
  • Several free homeopathic dispensaries were run for the poor. Ayurvedic medicines and pranic healing procedures are also made available in one or two places.
  • Leaflets were distributed in regional languages about cancer and HIV/AIDS prevention. Thousands of leaflets against tobacco were distributed in the Bihar Region.
  • The Mumbai region sponsored the education of more than 400 students, ten of whom were supported by the Save The Children Fund (London).
  • An elocution contest was organised on the life of Dr Annie Besant by the Hassan group of Karnatak Region.
  • Two primary schools were adopted by the Besant group in Delhi and deserving poor students given scholarships covering uniforms, books and stationery.
  • A member donated Rs.100,000 for the construction of an additional classroom in a school run by the TOS in Kolkata for slum children.
  • Of the 50 boys and girls were given intensive tutoring in Delhi over the last year on an experimental basis to enable them to enter regular classes at their own age level, 12 secured admission in primary schools.

Please contact us if you want more details of how to support these projects in India.

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